Kaley Cuoco Doesn’t Want To Replace Her Hit Series

Right now, Kaley Cuoco is doing pretty well. She was on The Big Bang Theory for twelve years, a popular comedy show. Kaley is the voice of the title character in the hit animated show Harley Quinn, which has been picked up for a third season and is loved by critics.

She got cast as Hollywood legend Doris Day in an upcoming biopic and signed a new deal with HBO that makes her even more of a star there. But Kaley Cuoco says she isn’t too interested in returning to her most famous and well-received project.

In an interview with People, Kaley Cuoco said there are no plans for a third season. This is surprising since season two of The Flight Attendant became the most-streamed show in the United States last month.

Popularity is becoming increasingly important in how long a streaming show will last. With Warner Bros. HBO Max, Disney+ Netflix  Hulu, and many others sorry Paramount all trying to be the best streaming service, it’s a bit strange that a top-rated show would decide to end.

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