The Ultimate Celebrity Curse Off between Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow on Jimmy Kimmel Live

During her appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show on Monday night, Jennifer Aniston engaged in a game of Celebrity Curse-Off against her Friends co-star, Lisa Kudrow.

Cursing competition: Lisa Kudrow faced off against Jennifer Aniston in a Celebrity Curse-Off on Monday on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The purpose of her visit was to promote her new comedy film, Horrible Bosses 2, which is set to hit theaters on Wednesday.

New movie: Jennifer was promoting Horrible Bosses 2 on the late-night chat show

In addition to discussing the film, she also touched on her upcoming drama, Cake. Jimmy Kimmel moderated the swearing competition in a quiz show-style format, with Lisa unexpectedly joining the game as a surprise contestant.

America's sweetheart: Jennifer shared a story about her fear of flying with Jimmy

A fun and entertaining segment took place on Jimmy Kimmel Live where Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston participated in a Celebrity Curse-Off.

Word for word: Jimmy moderated the quiz show-style cursing competition

Dressed in a cute red outfit, Jennifer aimed to match Lisa’s swear words as they competed with each other while Jimmy acted as the moderator.

Back together: Lisa and Jennifer reminded fans of their comedic timing on Friends

This was not the first time such an event took place on the show; back in May, Julia Roberts and Sally Field had a similar competition.

Surprise guest: Lisa is shown arriving at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show where she surprised Jennifer as her competiton in the Celebrity Curse-Off

Unexpected visitor Lisa unexpectedly showed up at the Jimmy Kimmel Live program to compete against Jennifer in the Celebrity Curse-Off, causing quite a stir.

Comeback returns: Lisa's comedy show The Comeback recently returned to HBO after nine seasons

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