Jennifer Aniston Ditches Bra and Rocks Jean Cutoffs on Film Set Snapshots

Jennifer Aniston made heads turn on the New York City set of Squirrels to the Nuts with her stunning physique. The actress, who is known for her passion for yoga, went braless in a lavender T-shirt and short jean cut-offs that flaunted her toned arms and legs.

Aniston portrays a character who starts off as a sex worker but ends up becoming an actress in the movie. Recently, she has been seen sporting various vibrant and unique wigs for her role alongside Owen Wilson.

In the latest edition of July she shared about her hair type which is naturally wavy and frizzy due to her Greek roots.

The worst was when she decided to wear hair extensions which caused more harm than good. Her hair became so fragile and kept breaking, which made it difficult for her to grow it out.

Even when her hair was longer, it still looked thin at the ends. To compensate for the lack of volume, she had to rely on clip-in hair pieces to fill in the gaps.

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