The Big Bang Theory Images Of Penny’s Change Through The Years

The Big Bang Theory has been on the air. It appeared right on the cusp of us being old enough to watch sitcoms for some of us out there. This makes it seminal in many of our lives. We like how it ventured beyond the boundaries of typical sitcoms.

1. Penny Grew Up

2. And Even Throwback To An Older Style

3. She Settled Into Her Style In The Most Recent Seasons

4. Seriously, Can We Say ‘Glow Up’?

5. Season 10 Was All Style, All The Time

6. And Then That Casual Style Was All We Saw

7. Eventually, It Was Enough To Pull Back

8. But A Cute One

9. Growing It Out Was A Process

10. Then The Big Chop Happened

11. Just Kidding! She’s Still The Same Old Penny

12. While Seven Saw Her Taking An Interest In The More Cerebral Things

13. Season 6 Gave Us A New Pattern For Penny In Every Episode

14. And Even More Adorable Hairstyles

15. We Got Even More Of Her Character In Season Four

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