In an interview with Stylist on October 9, Scarlett Johansson, aged 38, openly discussed the evolution of her fitness routine over the years.

During the interview which served as a promotion for her skincare brand The Outset, the actress shared insights into her preferred gym workouts and skincare regimen.

She emphasized that wellness is an integral aspect of her mental well-being. Scarlett revealed a shift in her workout routine, explaining that while she used to primarily focus on weightlifting, her body’s recovery started to change with age.

She attributed her improved well-being to practicing Pilates, which has had a positive impact on various aspects of her life.

Scarlett also offered a glimpse into her morning routine as a mother of two. She mentioned I wake up quite early because I have two children, and my daughter attends school.

I also have a baby who’s currently experiencing a sleep regression waking me up at various hours.

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