Salma Hayek showcases her stunning frame in a corseted gown at 10th Anniversary of DuJour in NYC

Salma Hayek looked very youthful while donning a corseted gown as she stepped onto the red carpet along with other celebrities at the 10th Anniversary of DuJour event in NYC on Monday.

The From Dusk Till Dawn actress, 56, glammed up for the night to celebrate the magazine and her eye-catching cover for the 10th Anniversary Winter issue.

The talented star has been filtering through a busy schedule and was recently spotted in London stylishly attending the screening of Le Pupille earlier this month in December.

She opted for an elegant dress which comprised of a drop-down, lace corseted top with ruffled straps and black bows on each side.  
The bottom of the full skirt was made of a ruffled, tulle material that flowed down onto the ground. 

Salma held a chic, black handbag in her right hand as she paused for a fashionable photo session as the magazine’s current cover star.

She further accessorized her look for the night with a large, flashy ring on her right hand, but opted to not add a necklace to allow the gown to be the main focal point.

Her makeup was classically done, comprising of a layer of black mascara and eyeliner, along with a classic pink blush on her cheeks. She also added glossy, pink lipstick for a final touch.

During an interview with Vogue Mexico earlier this year in April with her daughter, Valentina, 15, whom she shares with husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, Salma opened up about doing her makeup.

I’m good at makeup,’ Salam stated, but then admitted, ‘but now she teaches me,’ referencing to her teenage daughter.

While on the purple carpet, Salma was joined by DuJour’s founder, Jason Binn, and the two quickly took a few memorable photos together.

He was also seen holding a large cutout of the actress’s cover photo for the publication’s Winter 2022 edition.

Salma could be seen partially submerged in a bathtub filled with water while wearing a stunning black gown. At the bottom, a caption read: ‘Salma Hayek Pinault Soaks It Up.


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