Salma Hayek Once Begged For A Latino Role And Still Didn’t Get It

Sometimes being Latino doesn’t help you get a Latino role. Salma Hayek is undoubtedly one of the most popular Hollywood stars today. She has it all, from the best roles in hit movies like Frida, Grown Ups, House of Gucci, and many more, to the incredible looks that every young girl is jealous of. But Hayek was not always such a confident movie shark.

The Mexican-American actress struggled a lot before she became who she is today. In a recent interview, she talked about the days when she had to beg to get into auditions. And even that didn’t help. The thing is, it was really hard for Latinos to get roles back then. But Hayek’s situation is even more absurd because she was actually trying to get cast as a Latina character.

It was a 40-million-dollar Meryl Streep movie called The House Of Spirits. She mentioned in the interview with the Indie Wire that at that time Latinos were only hired to play maids or prostitutes. And this role that she wanted so badly was neither of those things. But there was more. Hayek also recalled situations where she was obviously the best choice after auditioning, but the filmmakers simply told her that they were not going to give her the lead role, and the reason given was her Mexican roots.

But now she is grateful even for those times. If she hadn’t gone through all those struggles, she wouldn’t have become the person she is today. And even then, she was actually happy that she was told the truth instead of being lied to. Hayek believed that if things were not easy for her now and people were fair about the reasons, it would change soon.

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