Salma Hayek attends2nd Annual Caring For Women Dinner at New York

The Pool in New York City, Kering’s 2nd Annual Caring For Women Dinner brought together luminaries from the entertainment, fashion, and philanthropic worlds. Among the esteemed guests was acclaimed actress and advocate Salma Hayek, who graced the event with her presence.


The gathering, held on September 12, 2023, was a celebration of empowerment and a testament to the ongoing commitment to support women’s causes globally. Hayek, a vocal proponent of women’s rights and equality, was recognized for her unwavering dedication to various humanitarian efforts.


As the night unfolded, poignant discussions, heartfelt speeches, and a spirit of unity prevailed. The event highlighted the urgent need to address critical issues affecting women worldwide, ranging from healthcare access to economic empowerment and gender equality in various spheres of life.



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