Salma Hayek and Gilles Bensimon, Publication Director Elle

Salma Hayek and Gilles Bensimon, co-author an article discussing the evolution of beauty standards in modern media, titled “Redefining Beauty: Embracing Diversity in the Spotlight.


In this illuminating piece, they delve into the shifting paradigms within the entertainment industry, emphasizing the crucial role of inclusivity and representation.


The article meticulously traces the journey from conventional ideals to a more diverse and inclusive landscape, celebrating the empowerment of individuals of all backgrounds.

Hayek and Bensimon spotlight the pivotal moments and influential figures that have propelled this positive transformation, urging for sustained efforts toward genuine inclusivity.

They emphasize the responsibility of media and fashion industries to foster a culture that embraces diversity authentically. By championing authenticity and embracing unique narratives, they envision a future where every individual feels seen, valued, and empowered in the world of beauty and entertainment.

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