Kaley Cuoco Was Only On The Big Bang Theory Because The Original Actress Was Too Mean

Kaley Cuoco portrayed Penny on The Big Bang Theory for all 12 seasons making it difficult to fathom that her character was absent from the show’s original pilot.

Penny from The Big Bang Theory played remarkably by Kaley Cuoco developed a reputation for being mean and abrasive but her character underwent substantial.

Peter Roth made it clear that the replacement of Katie with Penny was not a criticism of Walsh.

when the show received a second chance after the initial pilot was not picked up the character of Katie was abandoned altogether. Remarkably a year after she auditioned for Katie.

The Big Bang Theory follows the lives of two brilliant physicists Leonard Hofstadter Johnny Galecki and Sheldon Cooper Jim Parson.

The show primarily revolves around the interactions and comedic dynamics between the main characters and their friends.

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