Jennifer Aniston The Search for Love Despite Denying Dating Rumors

In a stunning photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, Jennifer Aniston looks absolutely amazing as she poses topless and shares her desire to find love once again. Despite rumors of rekindling her romance with ex-husband Brad Pitt the 50 year old Friends star has denied being in a relationship with anyone at the moment.

When asked about finding Mr. Right by her First Ladies co-star Tig Notarohe, Jennifer shared that she is open to love and is eagerly waiting for it to come knocking on her door.

She added that she is not closed off to the idea of falling in love again and is looking forward to the possibility of it happening someday.

However, despite any challenges or difficulties I may have faced, I haven’t allowed myself to become jaded and closed off from the world around me.

I believe that my past experiences have only served to make me stronger, rather than weaker, and I remain open to new possibilities and experiences in the future.

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