Jennifer Aniston Honors Publicist Stephen Huvane with Heartfelt Tribute at ICG Publicists Awards

In a touching and heartfelt moment, Jennifer Aniston took the stage at the 2020 ICG Publicists Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel to honor her longtime publicist, Stephen Huvane. Aniston’s appearance at the event in Beverly Hills, California, was a heartwarming celebration of their enduring professional and personal relationship.

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During her speech, the 50-year-old actress presented Stephen with the prestigious Les Mason Award for Career Achievement in Publicity, expressing her deep appreciation for his unwavering support and friendship over the past 26 years.

Jennifer Aniston’s words of gratitude and admiration for Stephen painted a vivid picture of their special bond. She described him as not only her publicist but also her confidante, cheerleader, personal bouncer, life coach, and dear friend.

Longtime friends and coworkers: 'He¿s someone who has been my confidante, my cheerleader, my personal bouncer, my life coach, my personal space-keeper and my dear friend for 26 years,' she said

In response to the honor, Stephen Huvane took the podium and reciprocated the sentiment, declaring his love and unwavering support for Aniston.

Her look: For the night, the Morning Show actress looked fantastic in black slacks and a high-neck black top with red polka dots

He emphasized his enduring commitment to their friendship and professional partnership. Huvane also expressed his gratitude to those who have influenced his career, particularly Nanci Ryder who provided him with his first PR job as her assistant.

The ICG Publicists Awards ceremony served as a touching reminder of the significant relationships that shape the entertainment industry.

Their enduring partnership is a testament to the importance of trust, loyalty, and collaboration in the world of entertainment.

Decades together: Aniston and Huvane have worked together for 26 years








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