Jennifer Aniston creates secret dating profile amid growing loneliness

Jennifer Aniston has been trying her luck at dating for six years now but it has been “pure hell” for her, a source close to the Hollywood beauty revealed.

Jen’s had six years of being single and says it’s been pure hell adding She says she wouldn’t wish what she’s gone through on her worst enemy.

she’s been on, the insider revealed, “It was with a very handsome studio executive who brought an envelope to their dinner date

Hence, she has been extra critical of the men she is going out with as usually men she goes out with are fans of her hit TV sitcom, Friends, or just want an autograph at the end of the night. However, Aniston once briefly tested the waters with “a secret online dating profile,” though “that wasn’t successful either and just confirmed she didn’t like it. Jen would like to tie the knot,” insists the source, but “she won’t lower her standards they revealed.

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