The Big Bang Theory helped Kaley Cuoco get through her divorce, says the sitcom star. With a successful 12-season run, The Big Bang Theory made history as the longest-running multi-camera comedy in its final season.

Kaley Cuoco played Penny for all 12 seasons of the series, the only female character in the show’s original cast, which also included Jim Parsons as Sheldon, Johnny Galecki as Leonard, Simon Helberg as Howard, and Kunal Nayyar as Raj. Penny was introduced as Sheldon and Leonard’s new across-the-hall neighbor, and her bubbly personality contrasted to humorous effect with their more reserved ways.



How Kaley Cuoco’s Penny Evolved Across Big Bang Theory’s RunCuoco’s description of laughter helping to provide an escape is a nice way of thinking of her over a decade run on the series, which wrapped in 2019. In addition, her heartwarming account of her co-stars helping her out during a hard time mirrors the sweet relationship her character often shared with the show’s other protagonists.

Though Penny and Sheldon had one of the most charming relationships in the series, she helped all the characters grow in certain ways, learning a lot from them as well as she matured significantly. She also ended up married to Leonard after the couple experienced an on-again, off-again relationship in classic sitcom fashion.



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