15 Unreal Jennifer Aniston Without Makeup Photos

Most people only see Jennifer Aniston’s hair, but few have recognized the importance of her makeup and what it has done for her face over the years

Oh…apparently, it was a scene from one of her movies. I guess the director had it all figured out by removing her eyeliners, otherwise, things might’ve been a little messy.

I almost couldn’t recognize her because of her double chin. Luckily, she knows exactly what to do to shed off the pounds. Well done!

When you’re young and beautiful, makeup becomes negligible. All you need is some gorgeous long curls and all eyes will be on you.

Well, it turns out that the scar is not real. That face actually belongs to the main character in her movie, Cake.

Here is another angle of the character ‘Claire Bennett’ in Cake, where the makeup-less Jen stares outside a car window, revealing another scar near her mouth area.

Jennifer was spotted on the street wearing nothing but glasses on her face. Doesn’t she look like a professional businesswoman holding that phone and folder in one arm?

But doesn’t Jennifer realize how pretty she looks in a bikini, even without the eyeshadows and lipstick?

They say that hairdresser is your best friend and Jennifer certainly showed that when she posed in this picture with her personal hairstylist, Chris McMillan.

I’m just glad she wasn’t wearing any lashes because her blue eyes are gorgeous! Are they contact lenses?

Looks like Jen is heading for a workout in this sports outfit and sunglasses. I wonder if she’s heading to the gym for a yoga session? She’s definitely dressed up for it.


Just when you think Jennifer couldn’t get any fitter, this photo reminds us of her best shape and form. Who needs concealers when you’re getting a beautiful tan while jogging around town?

It’s obvious that Jen shares a special bond with Matt LeBlanc and Courteney Cox, she looks so natural in front of them!

Sorry, but I’m not a big fan of this sweater and pants. They look ordinary and her pale face clearly didn’t help either. Perhaps a little blusher would have done the trick.

Oh, she forgot her cosmetics.

I’m just glad she quitted, otherwise no makeup is going to compensate for the loss of vitamin C. Time to break the habit! (talking to myself…)


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